AFC 14 PPV – Live MMA on PPV!

AFC 14 PPV – Live MMA on PPV!

Almighty Fighting Championship 14 heads back to York on Saturday 9 November!!

Join us for action packed night from AFC 14’s stacked fight card, including Pro and Amateur MMA.

Full card breakdown:

70kg Jonny Brocklesby 3-0 Gorilla Fight Team v Joel Downey-Cave 2-3 Next Generation

61kg Craig ‘The Slammer’ Skelton 1-2 Kao Loi Gym v Richard ‘Judo’ Kallos 1-1 Fearless MMA

Interim Amateur Title

66kg George Staines 4-0 Fight Ministry Hull v Marlon Jones 6-1 Aspire


66kg Sam Mullarkey 4-1 Gorilla Fight Team v Jason Williams 2-0 Game Fight

70kg Adam Smith 3-1 Fight Ministry Hull v Arron Price 2-0 Charles Martin Martial Arts

66kg Matt Brocklesby 3-1 Gorilla Fight Team v Ashley ‘The Wildcard’ Walters 5-8-1 Fearless MMA

Break 2

57kg Joe Fields 2-0 Fight Ministry Hull v Alan Baron 2-1 Gracie Barra Derby

80kg Daniel Neve 1-1 Fight Ministry Humberston v Liviu Costin 1-0 Body Tough Gym

66kg Luke Walters debut Porrada MMA v Jordan ‘The Cowboy Kid’ Lavelle 1-0 Next Generation

70kg Ben Shaw debut Fight Ministry Humberston v Ryan Dooney 1-2 Charles Martin Martial Arts

120kg Mark ‘Brownie’ Brown 0-1 Majestic Muay Thai v David ‘Wilky Bear’ Wilkinson 1-0 Body Tough Gym

73kg Bert Jenkins 1-0 fight Porrada MMA v Ross Leggott debut Charles Martin Martial Arts

Break 1

80kg Karl Minchin debut Viper MMA v Daniel Rams debut Gracie Barra Derby

61kg Carrick Evans 0-1 Charles Martin Martial Arts v Tom ‘The Pussy Magnet’ Senior debut Body Tough Gym

77kg James Robe debut Porrada MMA v Daniel Ward debut Gracie Barra Derby

61kg Jack Brennan debut Team Fight Pit v Ben Winder debut Charles Martin Martial Arts

70kg Charlie Hodgson debut Submission MMA v Luke Richardson debut Dungeon MMA

77kg Conrad Walters 1-0 Porrada MMA v Martin ‘The Combat Kid’ Patterson Streets Fight Club

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