AFC 16 | Live MMA on PPV!

AFC 16 | Live MMA on PPV!

Almighty Fighting Championship 16 heads to Barnsley Metrodome for the first time on Saturday 22 February!!

Join us for an action packed fight night including Pro and Amateur MMA.

Here is the full fight fight card for Almighty Fighting Championship 16!

Main Card
Pro Title
70kg Kieran Lister 5-0 Dungeon MMA v Jonny Brocklesby 4-0 Gorilla Fight Team
66kg Eddie Johnson 1-0 Hamma v Oscar Ownsworth 0-1 Steel Evolution/SUB Alliance
70kg Will Cairns Independent v Marc Halford 0-1 Body Tough Gym/SUB Alliance
Amateur Title
66kg Dan Minns 5-1 SBG Bishop Auckland v George Staines 5-0 Fight Ministry Hull/AVT
93kg Branden Guest 2-1 Ludus Magnus v David Wilkinson 3-0 Body Tough Gym/SUB Alliance
61kg Kai Richmond 5-1 SBG Bishop Auckland v Jason Williams 2-1 Game Fight
72kg Andy Nunn Independent v Musa Christian 5-1 Sheffield Shootfighters
68kg Daniel Ward 2-0 Gracie Barra Derby v Matt Brocklesby 3-2 Gorilla Fight Team
 74kg Kyle Jones 3-0 Hamma North Wales v Oliver Harriot 3-1 Sheffield Shootfighters
84kg Blake Underwood 1-0 Evolution Fight School v Connor Hepple debut Body Tough Gym/SUB Alliance
57kg Ryann Parkin 1-1 Ludus Magnus v Adam Cowling 2-3 Gorilla Fight Team
 84kg Joe Ambler 1-0 AVT v Chris Jackson 1-0 Steel Evolution/SUB Alliance
61kg Harry Kenworthy 2-3 Hamma North Wales v Tom Senior 1-0 Body Tough Gym/SUB Alliance
61kg Summer Onley 1-0 Gracie Barra Derby v Megan Johnson 1-0 The Unit/SUB Alliance
80kg Liam Cook debut Evolution Fight School v Scott Davis debut Gorilla Fight Team
59kg Cam Harrop 1-1 SBG Bishop Auckland v Ben Winder 0-1 Charles Martin Martial Arts
66kg Chris Smyth 1-0-1 Hamma North Wales v Ryan Kitchen 0-1 Gorilla Fight Team
70kg Jarrad Annabel 1-0-1 Gracie Barra Derby v Ross Leggott 0-1 Charles Martin Martial Arts
Early Prelims
70kg Luke Richardson 1-0 Dungeon MMA v Lee Quinn 1-1 Hamma North Wales
77kg Ryan Minns 1-0 SBG Bishop Auckland v Pawel Szkiladz 4-1 Ludus Magnus
93kg Cal Baker debut Evolution Fight School v George Marsh 1-1 Hamma North Wales
57kg Grigoriu Aggelos debut Gracie Barra Derby v Shawon Choudhury 1-0 Ace MMA
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